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Welcome to the EOGamer Star Trek Online Wiki. This wiki is maintained and updated by community contributions to the wiki. Everyone's contribution is important. Registering for this wiki is required to contribute, but it also gives you access to any of our other wikis we host and future wikis we will be adding. You can use one login and password to log into any of the wikis with only one registration.

This wiki is constantly being added to and updated. Please feel free to contribute, discuss and correct anything that is incorrect. Not sure where to start? Looking for where you can help? Try the list of Most Wanted pages to see if you can fill a gap.

The game is now live. However information contained so far is from the end of open and beginning of head start and is subject to change and will be updated as it changes in game.

See you in space.

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Federation Starships

Tier 1 Light Cruiser
Ens.png Lt.png Miranda Centaur ShiKahr
Constitution (Exclusive)
Tactical Science Engineering
Tier 2 Escort Science Vessel Cruiser
Lcdr.png Saber Nova Constitution
Rapier Aurora Vesper
Ushaan Quasar Excalibur
Tier 3 Heavy Escort Research Science Vessel Heavy Cruiser
Cdr.png Akira Olympic Cheyenne
Zephyr Hope Stargazer
Oslo Horizon Dakota
Tier 4 Tactical Escort Long Range Science Vessel Exploration Cruiser
Capt.png Defiant Intrepid Galaxy
Vigilant Cochrane Celestial
Gallant Discovery Envoy
Tier 5 Advanced Escort Reconnaissance Science Vessel Assault Cruiser
Ra.png Prometheus Luna Sovereign
Phoenix Sol Noble
Cerberus Polaris Majestic
Hephaestus (160 CP) Comet (160 CP) Imperial (240 CP)
Fleet Escort Deep Space Science Vessel Star Cruiser
Hermes Destiny Avenger
Gryphon Trident Vanguard
Dervish Oracle Emissary
Maelstrom (160 CP) Nimbus (160 CP) Nomad (160 CP)
Miscellaneous Runabout Type-8 Shuttlecraft
Visiting Your Bridge Inviting Others To Your Bridge Customizing How Your Ship Looks

Klingon Starships

Class Tier 1


Tier 2


Tier 3


Tier 4


Tier 5


Birds of Prey B'Rel / Koloth QulDun Norgh Ki'Tang Hegh'ta / Haj Carrier Vo'Quv / Vod'leh
Raptors (Escorts) Somraw Qorgh Pach Qin / Birok
Battle Cruiser K'Tanco K't'inga / K't'inga(Refit) Vor'cha Negh'var / Qudaj

Quest Guides

Platforms to Play On

This game is PC compatible only. Cryptic Studios tests and develops Star Trek Online on the X-Box 360 console system as well, but at present no announcement regarding a retail release for this platform has been made.

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