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There are many different types of weapons found in STO available for use in space. These can be arranged in any order and you can assign them to any weapons station in the ship customization menu. However, for different weapons you must have a minimum level to use them. For example, Mark X weapons may only be used by Rear Admirals and above, etc.

Energy Weapon Types

  • Phaser: Chance to disable a random subsystem.
  • Disruptor: Chance to apply a resistance debuff.
  • Plasma: Chance to produce a plasma fire, which deals DoT.
  • Tetryon: Chance of additional shield damage.
  • Polaron: Chance to drain power from all subsystems.
  • Antiproton: Bonus to critical damage.

Energy Weapon Specs

Projectile Weapon Types

  • Photon: Moderate attack speed, moderate kinetic damage.
  • Quantum: Slow attack speed, high kinetic damage.
  • Plasma: Medium damage, slow rate of fire, chance to produce a plasma fire, which deals DoT. High yield launches a single large ball of plasma instead of multiple torpedoes.
  • Transphasic: Low damage, chance to pierce shields.
  • Chroniton: Low damage, chance to slow down target.
  • Tricobalt: High damage, very slow rate of fire. Chance that the target is disabled and unable to use powers.

Projectile Weapon Specs

Space Weapon Skills