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Retrain Location
Lieutenant Commander Okret

To retrain your character skills, you must go to the center of the Earth Spacedock. There is a Saurian named Lieutenant Commander Okret, who will let you change your skills in exchange for a retrain token, or a number of Starfleet Merits depending on your rank. This only works for your character, not your Bridge Officers.

Retrain Dialog

  • Retrain Captain Skills


  • I don't like my skill choices. Can I change them?
Yes. If you have permission from Starfleet to retrain, you can change how your skill points are spent.

  • How do I get permission to retrain?
Retraining tokens may be purchased at major spaceports. You will also earn a free retraining token from Starfleet each time you advance to a new rank. You also can purchase a retraining token from the C-Store, but that will cost Cryptic Points.

  • How much does it cost to retrain?
The Starfleet Merit fee is a flat rate based on your rank. As you increase in rank, the cost to retrain increases as well.

  • Do I have to spend all of my skill points if I retrain?
No. You may leave a retraining session with fewer points spent than when you began, but you must spend enough points in each tier to qualify for your current rank. Unspent points are not lost.

Other Retrain locations

Lieutenant Commander Tana - In the same area as the exchange and bank consoles.