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There are numerous planets to visit. Some of note are P'jem and Vulcan. P'jem was seen in the series of Enterprise. Vulcan was seen in The original series, Enterprise, as well as The Next Generation, and finally on Voyager. Although Voyager was a holographic representation of Vulcan. Risa another great place to visit. It is described as paradise. It was shown in The Next Generation series as well as Enterprise and Deep Space Nine. There is also Wolf 359, a place of space where the battle between Locutus and the Federation. These are located in the Sierra Sector. After completeing the inital patrols of these system you will be able to transport down to the planet and visit them for yourself. There is a monument located there at the moment. Another place among others but is more widely known is DS9. Deep Space Nine which is located in the Beta Ursae Sector. Deep Space nine is a great place to unwind as well as get rid of a few items in your inventory or to buy items located in the Station. The Station offers everything you can imagine from the tailoring of your uniform , to even customizing your Starship. It is also one of the only places that you can get a Runabout. As there are more planets to visit such as Q'nos and others as of this time it wasn't completed within the STO universe. Earth is not yet playable, but can still be seen from the Earth Spacedock. Visiting planets multiple times will happen, and you'll end up visiting more planets than others.