Liberated Borg Klingon

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Liberated Borg Klingon female

Playing as a liberated Borg character is for the time being a bonus for purchasing the lifetime subscription. A liberated Borg Bridge Officer is available in certain preorderings.

You are a former Borg drone. You were taken from your home and assimilated into the Collective, and spent a period of time as a Borg. You have taken part in the assimilation of thousands or even millions of other individuals.

Someone or something has severed your connection to the Collective. You have regained a portion of your former identity and are now trying to rebuild your life as a Klingon. You retain some of your Borg knowledge or even implants that assist you in your duties.

Transition back into the normal world has been difficult. You find Klingon emotions difficult to understand, and even your own impulses are strange to you. Your implants may make other people fear you as they fear the Borg. Without the Collective to depend upon, you must find your own way in the galaxy.

The Liberated Borg begins with the following two traits. You can select another two traits from a general list for your player character.

Borg Nanites:
Ground Trait. Constantly regenerates shields and health.
+0.1 Health Regeneration
+10% Shield Regeneration strength (only affects certain things)

Space Trait. Provides a bonus to efficiency stats, improving the effectiveness of many of your power management abilities.
+5 Starship Shield Efficiency, +5 Starship Engine Efficiency, +5 Starship Energy Weapon Efficiency, +5 Starship Auxiliary Systems Efficiency

Liberated Borg also have a unique optional trait available:-

Neural Blast:
Activatable Ground Trait. Inject the target with neural toxins, which continually attempt to hold the target for the duration. Also reduces the target's movement speed.

Targets Foe.
6.1m range
0.27 sec activate
1 min recharge
-75% run speed for 30 sec
40% chance +2 Hold for 3 sec