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Joined Trill are a special exclusive reward race, possessing all the characteristics of the Trill race, including Hyper Metabolism. The Joined Trill symbiote contains generations of experience that will enhance the character abilities passively. (details of effects needed)

Please note that characters created prior to redeeming this pre-order exclusive reward cannot have the Joined Trill ability retroactively added, this option must be chosen at character creation.

All players can choose the Trill race during character creation, but Joined Trill is an option exclusive to specific pre-order retailers. For details on retailers and their exclusive rewards please see the Star Trek Online retailers page.

Joined Trill Stats [1]

Hyper Metabolism (regular Trill have this too): +33% Toxic Resist, +33% Radiation Resist, +10% Health Regeneration Description: Ground Trait. Constantly regenerates health and provides innate resistance to the effects of radiation and toxins.

Joined Symbiote: +3.3 Starship Energy Weapons Training, +3.3 Starship Projectile Weapons Training, +3.3 Starship Warp Core Training, +3.3 Starship Engineering Training, +6.7 Starship Operations Training Description: Space Trait. The memories of your symbiote improve your abilities in a wide range of starship roles.