In-Space Interface

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Space controls are very simple and can be modified to suit you better but the default space controls are as follows.
Example: Tier 2 Science Vessel, main interface.

Control blocks, from left to right :
Velocity, Shield/Hull Integrity, Power presets, Weapons
  • "W" pitches down.
  • "S" pitches up.
  • "A" turns left.
  • "D" turns right.
  • "E" increases throttle by 25%.
  • "Q" decreases throttle by 25%.
  • "R" toggles between 100% and 0% throttle.
  • "Shift + R" brings your ship to full impulse.
  • Numbers 1 through 0 activate skills assigned to those numbers.
  • "Spacebar" fires all available BEAM weapons.
  • "Ctrl-Spacebar" fires all facing PROJECTILE weapons
  • Rotate the camera by clicking and dragging with either the left or right mouse button. Using the right mouse button also synchornizes the way your character is facing, while the left mouse button just moves the actual camera.
  • Steer the ship directly by holding left and right click and moving the mouse.