Ground Weapons

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Personal weapons in Star Trek Online can be classified according to their Energy Type, Firing Method, Form Factor and Secondary Attack. Each has a primary and secondary attack.

Energy Types

  • Phaser - 5% chance to apply a +2 hold for 2 seconds
  • Disruptor - chance to reduce damage resistance
  • Plasma - chance to apply a slow debuff and DoT
  • Tetryon - 5% chance to deal 10% additional shield damage
  • Polaron - chance to disable weapons
  • AntiProton - Bonus to critical damage

Firing Methods

Form Factor

Secondary Attacks

The Secondary Attack determines the Firing Mode and Form Factor of a weapon.

Beam Bolt
Pistol Stun Beam
Wide Beam
Compression Bolt
Dual Pistol
Bolt Spray
Rifle High Density Beam
Auto-Targeting Beam
Sniper Shot
Pulse Wave
Assault Weapon Split Beam Arcwave
Energy Blast

Note: A weapon with Split Beam currently has "Auto-Targeting" in its name and vice versa. This table assumes the tooltip is right.


Regardless of type, weapons of equal Mk level will do equal DPS with their primary attack. The difference is in the secondary attack.

The cooldown period for secondary abilities of the two weapons you carry aren't linked, which means a good strategy is to switch (default key "z") to be able to fire them more often. If used with pistols and some career and kit abilities it's quite possible to hardly ever have to fire a normal shot (though those remain useful to finish enemies without wasting the cooldown).