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Food items are consumables that recover health over time. They can be equipped and then used from a hotbar slot. Food can either be found as drops, ordered in a bar or purchased through your ship's replicator for 20 energy credits. The replicator can be accessed only when on board your ship in open space, through the Inventory interface via small button in the bottom right corner. Food restores +56%, +64% or +72% of your hitpoints over 3.5 seconds. These foods are also used in breed tribbles to produce rare and uncommon tribbles.

Pic Name Hitpoints Restored where obtainable
Aldebaranwhiskey.jpg Aldebaran Whiskey 64% Loot Drop
Andoriantuberroot.jpg Andorian Tuber Root 56% Ship Replicator
Bajdekatea.jpg Bajoran Deka Tea 56% Loot Drop
Bajhasperat.jpg Bajoran Hasperat 56% Loot Drop
BajoranJumjaStick.png Bajoran Jumja Stick 64% Quark's Bar (DS9)
Bajorankavajuice.jpg Bajoran Kava Juice 56% Ship Replicator
BajoranLarishPie.png Bajoran Larish Pie 64% Quark's Bar (DS9)
Bajoranmapabread.jpg Bajoran Mapa Bread 56% Ship Replicator
BajoranMobaFruit.png Bajoran Moba Fruit 64% Quark's Bar (DS9)
Bananapancakes.jpg Banana Pancakes 56% Ship Replicator
BananaSplit.png Banana Split 64% Quark's Bar (DS9)
BetazoidUttaberry.png Betazoid Uttaberry 64% Quark's Bar (DS9)
File:Betazoideuttaberrywine.png Betazoid Uttaberry Wine 64%
Bloodwine.png Blood Wine 64%
Boliansouffle.jpg Bolian Souffle 64%
CardassianKanar.png Cardassian Kanar 64% Quark's Bar (DS9)
Cardassiantaspar.png Cardassian Taspar Egg 72%
CardassianYamokSauce.png Cardassian Yamok Sauce 64% Quark's Bar (DS9)
CardassianZabuStew.png Cardassian Zabu Stew 64% Quark's Bar (DS9)
Catfishsandwich.png Catfish Sandwich 56% Ship Replicator
ChateauPicard.png Chateau Picard 64% Quark's Bar (DS9)
Coffee.jpg Coffee 56% Ship Replicator
Croissant.png Croissant 56% Ship Replicator
Earlgrey.jpg Earl Grey Tea 56% Ship Replicator
Felinesupplement74.png Feline Supplement 74 56% Ship Replicator
Ferengijelliedgee-worm.png Ferengi Jellied Gree-Worm 64%
FerengiSnailJuice.png Ferengi Snail Juice 56% Ship Replicator
FerengiSnailSteak.png Ferengi Snail Steak 64%
Ferengitubegrubs.jpg Ferengi Tube Grubs 64%
FieldRations.png Field Rations 56% Ship Replicator
Flakedbloodfleas.jpg Flaked Blood Fleas 64%
Haggis.png Haggis 56% Ship Replicator
HotChocolate.png Hot Chocolate 56% Ship Replicator
Idanianspicepudding.jpg I'danian Spice Pudding 64%
Jambalaya.png Jambalaya 56% Ship Replicator
File:Jimbalianfudge.png Jimbalian Fudge 64%
JumboRomulanMollusk.png Jumbo Romulan Mollusk 72%
Klingongagh.png Klingon Gagh 64%
Klingongladst.png Klingon Gladst 64%
Klingongrapoksauce.png Klingon Grapok Sauce 64%
Klingonheartoftarg.png Klingon Heart of Targ 72%
Klingonoctopus.png Klingon Octopus 64%
Klingonracht.png Klingon Racht 64%
Klingonraktajino.jpg Klingon Raktajino 56% Ship Replicator
Klingonrokegbloodpie.jpg Klingon Rokeg Blood Pie 64%
Klingontargmilk.png Klingon Targ Milk 56% Ship Replicator
Prunejuice.png Prune Juice 56% Ship Replicator
File:Quadrotriticale.png Quadrotriticale 72%
Ratambastew.jpg Ratamba Stew 64%
Romulanale.png Romulan Ale 72%
Romulankalifel.jpg Romulan Kali-fal 64% Loot Drop
Romulanosoltwist.jpg Romulan Osol Twist 72% Loot Drop
Rootbeer.png Root Beer 56% Ship Replicator
SaurianBrandy.png Saurian Brandy 64% Quark's Bar (DS9)
SlugOCola.png Slug-O-Cola 64% Quark's Bar (DS9)
SpringWine.png Spring Wine 56% Ship Replicator
Synthale.png Synthale 56% Ship Replicator
ThalianChocolateMousse.png Thalian Chocolate Mousse 64% Quark's Bar (DS9)
Tranya.png Tranya 72%
Tulaberry.jpg Tulaberry 64% Loot Drop
Tulaberrywine.png Tulaberry Wine 72%
Vortaqlava.jpg Vorta Q'lava 64% Loot Drop
Vortarippleberry.jpg Vorta Rippleberry 64%
VulcanPlomeekSoup.png Vulcan Plomeek Soup 64% Quark's Bar (DS9)
VulcanSpiceTea.png Vulcan Spice Tea 64% Quark's Bar (DS9)