Earth Spacedock

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External view of Earth Spacedock


Earth Spacedock is the main headquarters of the Starfleet in Star Trek Online. It is the major hub for Federation affairs, and the location of many important contacts and trade facilities.

First Encounters

On completing the Borg tutorial mission, new Federation players warp directly to Earth orbit, arriving within sight of Spacedock. Approaching Spacedock, players are asked if they wish to dock.

Docking at Spacedock involves beaming inside the facility. Players can return to their ship at any time via the Beam to Ship option that appears to the lower right on the screen HUD.


Once onboard Spacedock, players can call up a local map via the M key. (NOTE: The ingame map is NOT yet labelled. Maybe it will be one day, but not today...)

Spacedock Map labelled.jpg

Spacedock's interior is effectively donut-shaped, with a quartered ring structure surrounding a central chamber linked by an X shaped corridor. The central chamber, or hub, is home to traders who sell equipment in return for Exploration Badges. Each quadrant of the outer ring houses different facilities of use to the player, as detailed below.



In the spacedock.
Walking around in the spacedock. (running actually, walking is kinda slow.)