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A Device is a non-class specific equippable item. Devices can be Space-based ( Batteries ), or Ground-based (e.g. Small Hypo ). Devices are usually single use consumable items (such as Food ), but some reusable Devices also exist (e.g. Tribble ).

A player's character has four Device slots available. These slots can by accessed by pressing 'U' and selecting Status from the Character window. A player's ship also has four Device slots (press 'U' and select Ship Name and Status to access these). In all cases, Devices are equipped by drag/dropping them from the inventory window to a suitable open Device slot. Note that a ship's Device slots will only take Space-based Devices, and the character's personal Device slots will only take Ground-based Devices.

Bridge Officers also have four Ground-based Device slots each, and these can be accessed and used in the same way as the player's own character slots, i.e. via the 'U' key and clicking the appropriate Bridge Officer's Status window.

Using the numbers 1 through 0, Devices can be activated.

Examples of Devices include :-