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Data Samples are loot drop items gained by scanning anomalies both in space and on ground missions or by killing enemies. They are a craft material utilized at Memory Alpha for equipment upgrades.

Data Samples are subdivided into three categories : Energy, Physical, and Technological.

Samples are further categorized into six colours (red, cyan, green, blue, orange, purple).

Although the number of sample colors (and the imagery on the icons themselves) would appear to have a direct correlation to player Rank (i.e. red=ensign, cyan=lieutenant, green=lt.commander, blue=commander, orange=captain, purple=admiral), rank itself does not grant access to each successive Crafting Tier. There are only three Crafting Tiers, rather than one for each successive rank, and each only unlocks once a player has crafted the appropriate number of items for each successive crafting contact at Memory Alpha.

Confusing? Yes, it certainly is...but hopefully it will become clearer as time goes on!

Rank Energy Physical Technological
Rank 1
Data Samples - Radiation Sample.jpg
Radiation Sample
Data Samples - Mineral Sample.jpg
Mineral Sample
Data Samples - Alien Artifact.jpg
Alien Artifact
Rank 2
Data Samples - Antimatter Sample.jpg
Antimatter Sample
Data Samples - Biological Sample.jpg
Biological Sample
Data Samples - Unknown Alloy.jpg
Unknown Alloy
Rank 3
Data Samples - Tetryon Particle.jpg
Tetryon Particle
Data Samples - Plasma Sample.jpg
Plasma Sample
Data Samples - Encoded Data.jpg
Encoded Data
Rank 4
Data Samples - Methogenic Particle.jpg
Methogenic Particle
Data Samples - DNA Sequence.jpg
DNA Sequence
Data Samples - Genetic Sequencer.jpg
Genetic Sequencer
Rank 5
Data Samples - Tachyon Wave Signature.png
Tachyon Wave Signature
Data Samples - Exobiological Data.png
Exobiological Data
Data Samples - Photonic Technology.png
Photonic Technology
Rank 6
Data Samples - Chronometric Wave Signature.jpg
Chronometric Wave Signature
Data Samples - Unidentified Substance.jpg
Unidentified Substance
Data Samples - Technical Schematic.jpg
Technical Schematic