Customizing How Your Ship Looks

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You can customize how your ship looks at any shipyard.

Customizing your ship in Star Trek Online.

Customizable aspects of your ship include:

  • The Saucer, Nacelles, Struts, & Pylons
  • Material used for the outer hull (aesthetic only)
  • Color Scheme & Windows
  • Bridge types for each class

The options to change sections of the ship(ie saucer or nacelles) is derived from the three class vessels in a tier and type. As example take the light cruiser tier, a ship may have saucer from the Miranda class and warp nacelles from Centaur class. But a ship can't use sections from other tier(ie heavy cruiser) or other types(ie Science or escort)

Bridge styles

Science type
Classic type
Standard also includes four of the same styles but color is different