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The Cryptic Store (a.k.a. "C-Store") sells different character enhancements, new ship variants, new races, and new bridge options. Each item can be bought using Cryptic Points (CP).

The following is currently available in the C-Store:

Character Enhancements
Ship Variants
Ship Bridges
Retrain(Respec) 400 CP Imperial (AC) 240 CP Federation Klingon 240 CP Federation Bridge Pack I (Star Cruiser) 200 CP
2 Character Slots 500 CP Hephaestus (AE) 160 CP Ferengi 80 CP Federation Bridge Pack II (Light Cruiser) 120 CP
Captain Rename 280 CP per token Nimbus (DSSV) 160 CP Tellarite 200 CP Klingon Bridge Pack I (Battle Cruiser) 200 CP
Emote Pack I 120 CP Maelstrom (FltEsc) 160 CP Pakled 160 CP Klingon Bridge Pack II (Bird of Prey) 240 CP
Emote Pack II 120 CP Nomad (SC) 160 CP TBA 0 CP Federation Bridge Pack III (R. Science Vessel) 200 CP
4 Character Slots 850 CP Comet (RSV) 160 CP TBA 0 CP Klingon Bridge Pack III (Carrier) 80 CP
TBA 0 CP TBA 0 CP TBA 0 CP Federation Bridge Pack IV (Advanced Escort) 200 CP

How to buy items


  1. Click on the triangle icon along the right-hand side of your mini-map.
  2. Click on "Visit The C Store."
  3. Under the "Available" tab, select an item.
  4. Click on "buy" to purchase.

How to buy Cryptic Points


  1. Log in.
  2. Click "My Account" at the top of the web page.
  3. Click "Buy More" under the Cryptic Points area.


The current prices for Cryptic Points are:

$6.25 USD 500 Cryptic Points
$12.50 USD 1000 Cryptic Points
$25.00 USD 2000 Cryptic Points
$62.50 USD 5000 Cryptic Points

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