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Crafting in STO changed drastically with the release of Season Three: Genesis. Unlike the old system, you no longer have to have the base item for crafting.

The new crafting system still revolves around Data Samples and introduces a new Schematic system for creating items.

In the new crafting system, you gain research skill points as you create items. The higher tier items have a skill point requirement before you can create them. The current cap for research skill is 1650.

Getting Started

The mission Scientific Mandate opens up crafting. As part of the mission, you will be sent to Memory Alpha, currently the only place you can craft. Once there, you can pick up the mission Research & Development which walks you through the basics of the crafting system.

How It Works

To create an item, you go to the Research & Development station in Memory Alpha. In the crafting interface, you choose the item you wish to craft. The materials listing for the item will be in the bottom right. If you have the materials, it will be listed in white. If you have all of the materials for an item, it will also say how many of that item you can create with what you have.

The basic consumables do not require a schematic. They only require 10 of a specific type of red data sample. These items give 10 skill points each. It is entirely possible to go from 0 to 1650 just from making consumables, but it will require 1650 red data samples.

Any item other than a consumable will require a Schematic. These schematics are crafted items that you make from the basic red data samples. Each schematic gives you 10 skill points and the schematic can only be used for one item. To create multiple science consoles, for example, you will need to create multiple console schematics.

Very Rare Items

Crafting purple quality (very rare) items is just like making any other item except they also require 2-3 Particle Traces. Particle traces are rare drops from anomalies where you farm Data Samples. Each item will require specific traces.

Aegis Technological Research

Season Three also introduced the first item sets. Item sets are a group of items that give special bonuses when you equip more than one piece from the set. The crafting set is called Aegis Technological Research, or Aegis for short.

Aegis Graviton Deflector Array

  • 5 Shield Power Rating
  • 18 Starship Sensors
  • 32 Starship Deflectors
  • 32 Starship Emitters

Aegis Hyper-Impulse Engines

  • 10 Starship Combat Maneuvers
  • 12 Flight Speed (Efficient at high power levels)
  • 13 Flight Turn Rate
  • Full Impulse
  • All Power To Engines
  • 99 Flight Speed
  • Diverts all power to engines

Aegis Covariant Shield Array

  • 5 Starship Shield Maintenance
  • 5 Starship Shield Performance
  • 10,140 Maximum Shield Capacity (10% Bleedthrough)
  • 169 Shield Regeneration every 6 seconds

Set Bonuses:

  • 2/3: Thoron Distortion Field - You gain +15 bonus defense while moving
  • 3/3: Reactive Shielding - When attacked, has a chance to activate, increasing your resistance to the incoming damage type. This may stack up to 10 times and it can trigger for multiple damage types simultaneously.

Materials Required To Craft Aegis

Aegis Graviton Deflector Array

  • 60x Exobiological Data
  • 1x Dekyon Particle Trace
  • 1x Metreon Particle Trace
  • 1x Trianium Particle Trace
  • 1x Schematic Deflector Array

Aegis Hyper-Impulse Engines

  • 60x Tachyon Wave Signature
  • 1x Anyon Particle Trace
  • 1x Chronometric Particle Trace
  • 1x Methogenic Particle Trace
  • 1x Schematic Impulse Engine

Aegis Covariant Shield Array

  • 60x Photonic Technology
  • 1x Antithoron Particle Trace
  • 1x Beta-Tachyon Particle Trace
  • 1x Duderon Particle Trace
  • 1x Schematic Shield Array