Controlling your away team

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When tackling ground missions solo, or with a team of less than five players, the empty slots on your away team will be filled with your npc bridge officers and/or security personnel. Although the default AI will do an admirable job of controlling these characters, both in combat and support roles, they will obviously perform better with your direction.

First things first

Reinforcements: If you find yourself shorthanded on a mission, either due to another player leaving the team or not yet arriving in the system, you can summon your default npc team by using the /fillPetTeamList slash command. After typing this in and pressing enter, your away team will beam down (you may have to wait a short while for them to appear, depending on how busy the server is). Although you can attempt a combat mission with just your captain, it isn't recommended - especially at higher levels.

Display mode: By clicking the Display Mode icon Display mode.png, you can choose whether or not to see each officer's usable skills. Mode 1 hides the skill icons, mode 2 displays them beside each character's health & shield bars.

Positioning and movement

By default, your team will follow behind you in a shallow "v" formation. You can use the Set Rally Point icon Waypoint set.png to tell one or more of your team to stay in a certain place. You can cancel this order by right-clicking on the icon. Additionally, the /petCommands_SetAllToFollowOwner and /petCommands_SetAllToHoldPosition slash commands can be used to order your team to follow you or stay in their current position, though as of the current beta build (January 21st) these commands only work on team members who have a waypoint set.


Combat and abilities

Mood: You can order your team members to hold their fire by clicking the Passive Mood icon Mood passive.png. In this mood, they will not engage in combat, though they will continue to use support abilites such as healing and shield boosts. To return them to the default behaviour of attacking during combat, click the Normal Mood icon Mood normal.png.

Targetting: Your team members will pick their own targets during combat depending on circumstance. The Set Target icon Target set.png can be used to override this behaviour and force them to either attack or support your target, depending on whether it's hostile or friendly. Right-clicking the icon clears any target you've set. You can also use the /petCommands_SetAllToOwnerAttackTarget slash command to specify a target for your whole team. Note that in the current beta build (January 21st), the "Crew Attack My Target" option in the key binds menu doesn't seem to work.

Special abilities: Each team member will automatically use their skills as needed, though when using display mode 2, skill icons are displayed beside each characters health & shield bars and can be clicked on to order their use.

When things go wrong

If you are reduced to zero health during combat, you are knocked unconcious though your team will continue fighting without you. When unconcious there are four ways to get back into action.

  • You can wait for combat to end, at which point you regain conciousness.
  • Another player can use the Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation skill on you.
  • You can click the Respawn button on the defeat popup, and return to the last checkpoint (or the mission start if there are no checkpoints).
  • You can click the Call for help button on the defeat popup to have an AI team mate come to your aid. The /petCommands_RequestResurrection slash command performs the same function.

Finally, if you or any of your team become stuck in the map, the /killMe slash command will send your whole team to the last checkpoint in the same way as the Respawn button does when defeated.