Commissionable Bridge Officers

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Bridge Officers (BO) add skills and abilitites to your space and away missions. Depending on your ship, you have can have varying numbers of each Bridge Officer: Tactical, Engineering and Science.

Once done the tutorial mission, you are allowed to obtain your first bridge officer being able to pick from Tactical, Engineering, and Science officers.

Each BO can be trained in one ground and one space skill with each promotion (Ensign, Lieutenant, Lieutenant Commander and Commander). These skills can then be enhanced using accumulated Bridge Officer Skill Points. When training your Boffs for space, it's recommended that you're mindful of the stations your vessel has, and the ranking of said stations (see Space Skills)

BOs can also be requisitioned from missions or from Earth Space Dock. Bridge Officer tend to have 2 normal traits and 2 'basic' traits (with 1 or more attributes halved), with the exception of the tutorial BO. Traits cannot be customised but skills within their career path can be.