Class does it matter?

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The classes choices given to you when create a character has an impact upon game play, but only slightly. The three classes Engineering, Tactical, and Science allows your character to use certain abilities while on away missions. Through the skills upgrade you can also allocate skill points to certain abilities that tie into both away or ground missions and space. Now with your Bridge Officers you also have other abilities that you can use. The bridge officers are so plentiful that a captain with Engineering and another with Tactical could have the same basic abilities. Thus not much difference in space or in ground missions when playing solo. The abilities really shine when in group. Especially in ground missions. When in Ground missions there are abilities that each of the three classes gets. Now with the use of Kits the captains can quickly control the battlefield. Now when in space where the classes really don't differ much, the type of ships do. And with the power settings of Attack, Defense,Speed, and balanced you can alter slightly the style of game play you like. An escort is a fast and powerful ship that can create massive amount of damage in a short time to enemies, but has a disadvantage to its shields. By switching the power setting from balanced to defense while playing an escort you can offset this disadvantage. The Science ship is good at controlling and healing whereas the Cruisers are good at taking damage and dishing out the damage as well.As you get further up in the ranking system the difference even between you and another of your class type begin to vary greatly.The skill cap allows for that.

The slight adjustment of power settings and the difference of your bridge officers can be used to great advantage over enemies of both npc and pvp.SO choose wisely both your ship and your Bridge officers, choose for both ground and space.