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The Cerberus is one of three Advanced Escort designs available in Star Trek Online. While it resembles its larger sibling, the U.S.S. Prometheus, it lacks its multi-vector attack mode, and the standard-issue Cerberus also lacks the quantum slipstream drive equipped on some. The Cerberus is still capable of engaging larger enemy threats, however, and is a formidible warship in part owing to its advanced warp core which maximizes its offensive capabilities.

  • Dimensions
    • Overall Length: 388 meters
    • Overall Draft: 136 meters
    • Overall Beam: 62 meters
  • Velocity
    • Cruising: Warp Factor 9.5
    • Maximum: 9.947
  • Defensive Systems
    • Regenerative Shield Generators
    • Ablative Tetraburnium Alloy Armor
    • Photonic Crew
  • Offensive Systems
    • Classified

(Specifications from the official STO Cerberus page.)