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Within STO, three career choices are available for use. You must choose one of them and you cannot play without choosing a career choice. You may choose one and only one. They are:

Each career path has it's own specialties. To learn more about each career path, click on the above links.

Note: All career paths gain access to the following space abilities at the following ranks (Information courtesy of Zeroth:

Lieutenant: o Evasive Maneuvers I: Evasive Maneuvers provides a speed, maneuverability, and defense buff. Unlock: Level 3

Lt.Commander: o Brace for Impact I: Brace for Impact provides a some kinetic damage resistance to the starship and a significant amount of damage resistance for the crew.Unlock: Level 13

Commander: o Ramming Speed I: Ramming Speed provides a short speed burst. If you collide with another ship during the duration, the target ship receives massive kinetic and crew damage and you receive heavy kinetic and crew damage. Shields drastically reduce the effects of kinetic damage.Unlock: Level 23

Captain: TBA: Unlock: Level 33

Admiral: o Abandon Ship I: Destroys your ship in an auto-destruct sequence. Unlock: Level 43