Bridge Officer Skills

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Bridge officers bring their particular expertise to an away team
Skilled Bridge Officers can be vital to the survival of any ship Captain.

Like principle characters, each officer specializes in a particular field, which opens up a range of skills for them to use on your ship or as part of your away team. You can easily bring up the skills menu ingame (by pressing 'K') and from there, just head to the bridge officers section of the menu and assign the skill points however which way you decide.

Each bridge officer can be trained in one ground and one space skill with each promotion (Ensign, Lieutenant, Lieutenant Commander and Commander). These skills can then be enhanced using accumulated Bridge Officer Skill Points. When training your Boffs for space, it's recommended that you're mindful of the stations your vessel has, and the ranking of said stations (see Space Skills)

Engineering Bridge Officer

Without the right skills you may find your engineer cannot give you more power, Captain, and has, in fact, given you all he can
* Space Skills

Science Bridge Officer

Tactical Bridge Officer

Many Klingons believe an away team without tactical officers is about as useful as a Targ without teeth